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An Artful Space:
Local Artist Focuses on
Fresh Perspectives for New Gallery

by Audrey Hanes, Photography by Melissa Donner

Beau Jones of Beautox Art has earned a reputation for creating art with an impact, from his bold mural and creative photo backdrops painted on the historic brick walls of Downtown Jonesboro to his signature abstract faces paintings on canvas. With the recent opening of his newest endeavor, Perspective Gallery + Framing, Beau will feature his art, along with other artists of varying mediums and styles.

“I have dreamt of opening my own gallery at some point in my life, I just assumed it would be later on in my life,” said Beau. “Right now, I’m still focused on growing my own art career as Beautox; however, while I’m still living in Jonesboro, why not try to grow the art scene with a gallery that represents other artists besides myself? It just made sense to take this next step in my career.

“My stepdad, Brian (Biggs), mentioned the idea to me initially, wondering if we should go in on the gallery as business partners. Before we knew it, we were looking at spaces at the end of 2020 and moved into our space in April 2021. It was fast, but it all happened for a reason, and I’m so grateful for the success Perspective has had so far.”

Biggs takes care of the business aspects of Perspective, from assisting with pricing and placing framing orders to paying the artists in the gallery when pieces are sold.

“My family and I travel quite a bit, (and) during out trips we usually frequent galleries, and after seeing places all over the U.S., I knew it was time for Jonesboro to experience the same kind of galleries we have seen; that’s why we have reached out to artists local and afar to be a part of our gallery,” said Biggs. “Jonesboro has been very supportive and responsive to us so far, and we are so thankful.”

Perspective is located in Downtown Jonesboro in a space Beau says he immediately knew would be perfect for his vision.

“The space was used as a yoga studio for many years before,” said Beau. “It’s funny because the layout was also perfect for a gallery space. Walking through the front door, I could automatically see the potential. New flooring, white walls, custom built walls and lighting gave a clean slate to let the artwork truly shine.”

The name of the gallery itself is significant to the artist. Beau wanted a name that embodied art for everyone, and it all came down to perspective.

When coming up with the name, all I could think about is how subjective art is,” he said. “Everyone has a different opinion on artwork and what message it conveys. Simply it all comes down to one’s perspective. Everyone sees art differently, so it’s very fitting to name the gallery Perspective.”

Along with Beau’s own pieces, Perspective will feature local artists, as well as artists from all over the country who Jones feels will be a good fit for the gallery.

“A lot of our current artists range from all over the country; I have found most of them through social media and developing a connection that way,” said Beau. “I knew it was important to showcase local, as well as out of state artists, to give Jonesboro a taste of what the rest of the art world has to offer. We will continue to bring in new artists from all over, so the gallery is ever changing in that aspect, and it brings that new element to Jonesboro.”

In addition to the display portion of the downtown gallery, Perspective will house experienced framer Dexter Jones for clients’ matting and framing needs.

“We felt that so many times, people go to an art show and buy a piece, yet they need it framed,” said Beau. “It only made sense to add a frame shop into our space, since art and framing go hand in hand. We have hired Dexter Jones as our certified framer, and he has years of experience in the field, so we knew he was a perfect fit for us. Our customers can come in during any of our hours and visit with Dexter about their projects regarding framing.”

Dexter, an artist himself, says he is excited to be a part of the Perspective team. He says his experience with framing has always been fulfilling because he loves to intertwine his creative mind with the art of framing.

“Whether it’s artwork, photos, clothing, mirrors or something completely off the wall, Perspective Gallery + Framing is here to help so that you can express what you want on your walls; the possibilities are endless,” said Dexter. “Framing is such a perfect addition to Perspective because just as art is boundless, so is how you express and show it off.

“The convenience of being able to buy art you love and get it framed at one location is just what Jonesboro has needed for a long time now. We now have that, and I think the people of Jonesboro and local artists have had a great reaction to it so far. I look forward to continuing to be a big part of this new addition to Jonesboro.”

There are many frame options in the frame shop, which has an average of a two-week turnaround, making it accessible for customers on a short timeframe.

“Though we have only been open for a few months, the response we have received has been incredible,” said Beau. “Our opening show was one for the books, by far the most successful art show I’ve ever been a part of. The frame shop has been staying very busy, as well. We only hope to continue to grow and become a well-known gallery in Arkansas.

“What I enjoy most is the ability to impact others through my work and other artists’ work, as well. Art is powerful and can speak to so many people in so many different ways. Everyone has a different perspective.”

Perspective Gallery, located at 323 S. Church St., opened its summer show on July 30. The summer exhibition will continue throughout August.

For more information about Perspective Gallery + Framing, follow @perspectivegallery_ on Instagram and find it on Facebook. Gallery hours are Thursday through Saturday from noon to 7 p.m. All information about upcoming shows and featured artists will be shared on social media.

Perspective Artists
Beau Jones - Arkansas
Cindi Zimmerman - Missouri
Gina Julian - Tennessee
Sean Shrum - Arkansas
Allison Smith - Arkansas
Jourdan Joly - Georgia
Rency - New York City
Mikel Wewers - Arkansas
Landon Bates - Arkansas
Peter Kiel - Berlin, Based in NYC
Parker Turner - Louisiana
Stephen Wilson - North Carolina
Gretchen Kelly - New York City
Shelby Tarver - Arkansas