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big-city spin style
Story by Audrey Hanes, Photo by Amy Long

After Camden Hyneman graduated from Fordham University in New York City, she immediately returned to Jonesboro – where she was born and raised – with an idea that was backed by some big-city inspiration. When she opened the doors to Zenspin Studio in September 2010, her goal was to bring the unique, involved style of spinning that she had experienced in NYC to her hometown. More than a year later, the studio is thriving and Hyneman works to continually incorporate new ideas and classes.

“I wanted to bring a modern twist on fitness into Jonesboro because our town is growing and becoming more modern, and I wanted to be a part of that movement,” said Hyneman. “I try to keep up with the changing trends in fitness, and for that reason, have continued to improve the studio and extend on our available classes.

“We now have barre, mat pilates and hot yoga classes in addition to our spin classes, and we are about to add barre camp, which is Zenspin’s version of the popular bootcamp class. We also do theme spins like Madonna and Michael or classic rock and combination classes like our spin/barre class.”

Hyneman says another thing that sets the studio apart is the fact that every class is all-inclusive; everything from bottled water to towels is provided to attendees, and nuts, fruit and coffee are available afterwards. Zenspin’s dedicated attendees also love the exciting choreographed style of spinning.

“The approach (in New York City) is much more involved and thorough than your typical spin class, so I had that in mind while coming up with the Zenspin class style,” said Hyneman. “Our classes are very choreographed – you can think of it as a dance class on a bike. Every class includes an arms portion, and some instructors even bring you off of the bike for an abs portion. We end each class with ‘Namaste’ after doing a relaxing and extensive stretch. Every class is different, and every instructor has their own personal style. It’s also all about the ambiance; we keep the lights dimmed and light candles that reflect in our mirrored walls.

“My goal is to give a big city experience in small town Arkansas.”

How would you describe your personal style?
When I was living in New York, you could find me in a fully sequined jacket from the ‘80s and 5-inch heels. My new lifestyle is better fitted to yoga pants, a comfortable tee or sweat shirt and moccasins or loafers. My signature would definitely be my glasses; I’ve had about a dozen pairs over the last few years. If I had to sum up my style, I would say it’s comfortable, yet funky.

What item of clothing is a “must” for someone taking a spin class?
When coming to any of our classes, I recommend wearing breathable athletic clothes and socks. I recommend against baggy shorts, but baggy yoga pants are fine. I highly recommend our Pearl Izumi padded knickers for those who are new to spinning. They make your class much more comfortable, and you can’t even tell they are padded. I’ve been known to run for groceries in them. An item I cannot live without is definitely our Pearl Izumi tights. These tights have no padding and are figure- flattering and breathable. They even have a zipper along the leg to adjust for different seasons and temperatures. I have five pairs!

Are spin shoes a must?
We provide cleated Shimano spin shoes for our clients to wear during spin that connect the foot to the pedal, allowing you to push your legs to new speeds without worrying about losing your footing. I know it helps me to push myself harder and to burn more calories doing so. They also create for a more comfortable ride in general.

What’s an inexpensive trend with spinning attire that’s big right now?
A huge trend for us have been our yogitoes headbands. They come in every color imaginable and are moisture wick so they absorb sweat, which is great because you can always expect to sweat at Zenspin! In any given class, almost every one of our clients is wearing one. At 5 bucks each who can blame them?

What makes “spin style” different from traditional workout style?
Athletic tights, leggings or cycling shorts are all great for spin. If you favor yoga pants, that’s fine, go for it, but for the best, most comfortable ride, form-fitting bottoms are ideal. Another trend that is great for spin attire is moisture-wick material that absorbs sweat and maintains dryness, so you don’t have to worry about leaving the studio with a sweat ring around your collar. I notice that there is a tendency to wear athletic clothes that transfer easily from the gym to real life. A lot of women will come to class in tights, a flowy, off-shoulder tee and a headband. 

How does Camden II Jewelers fit in?
I thought about continuing my mother’s store, Camden & Company, but decided to follow my heart and open a fitness boutique instead. Camden II was a natural way to include Camden & Company with my own vision. We carry a lot of the same lines as Camden & Company, like John Hardy, Arriaga and Echo of the Dreamer, as well as new lines like Buju, in2 design, Dogeared and Initial Reaction. We also carry athletic apparel like Spiritual Gangster, So Low and Pearl Izumi. We will be going to market soon and hope to bring back some amazing new fitness apparel and jewelry lines for our customers.